Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Book Launch, new drawing and malarky.


 Above is the drawing I did last night started and completed in one whole session and although it is not the best pic of it I am happy with this, another experiment in drawing done.

Today was another day of us running our arts workshop, we had an upcycled jewellery session on all day and I had a drawing tour now the weather has got better.

Whilst out on the drawing tour today I showed off a small wall of  'Leach' tiles near Porth Gwidden. I love these tiles and above is the snail one I know almost nothing about how these tiles got here and I must try and find out more. Perhaps a visit to The St Ives Archive would be a good source of information on this subject.

At the end of workshops today I did a 'docu' shot from outside Barnoon.

After workshops were over we went into town for a quick bite and then on to a book launch.

Above is a quick blog pic of Ann Kelley doing her talk at her book launch for 'On Moonlit Night'. Ann has been attending our Monday morning drawing class for well over a year now and what we didn't realise then was Ann was about to decide that she was going to illustrate her next book. I am thrilled and honoured that my wife Zoe Eaton is the first name in the acknowledgements and I am second on the list. We arrived slightly late and got instantly named as Ann's drawing teachers. It was a lovely event with a hint or two of Prosecco. It was also really nice to see many of Ann's framed originals of the drawings from the book.

We then went on to join our friends Nick and Audrey in The Kettle. We first met them when they started to use our Arts Cafe, and indeed Audrey first got pointed to our little establishment by meeting my wife's daughter at a creative writing workshop in the library. By the time the next festival happened as this happened in our first September Festival Zoe started an event at the cafe called 'Free Speech' which became a bit of an institution in the Lit and Sept fests. Audrey would always attend and deliver her latest poems and writings.

It is part of what happens when events are put on friendships are made and since we have moved on to being the Barnoon Workshop 'people' they have continued to support what we do. Tonight it was lovely to pass some time chatting and finding out more about each other, in all the years we have known each other that we have had a social.

All in all a good day, I am off to start a drawing that I am only contemplating as I write this. I wonder what I will do....


Monday, 18 September 2017

New drawing and larger time consuming works. David Bowie commemorative drawing.


Above is the drawing I might have finished in last evenings drawing session, so far I think it is done but I do have a slight nagging feeling I should add some colour. However that that could be just for another drawing in the future.

Above is a quick pic I took on my way to work this morning, not a bad commute!

Having arrived at Barnoon Workshop the Monday morning drawing group arrived and today we were drawing ..... me.....

Above is one of the drawings from this mornings session of the artist as model. After the session we had a quick lunch and then had a coffee and a top up at The Rum and Crab Shack then back up to the workshop to get some things ready for tomorrows upcycled jewellery class.

Above is the drawing that I managed to get a bit more work done on, it is A2 in size and I haven't organised anything to transport it home yet safely but it is a good little project to dip in and out of whilst manning the workshop. I am starting to really like the way this drawing is going and looking forward to just admiring the completed version for a bit. I do seem to like doing these drawings that are a minimal concept to start out with. Three different pens, one for lines and two for dots.. Yellow Red Black. Having decided that in my head I am now a good few hours into the making of this work.

I must enjoy these acts of repetition otherwise I wouldn't do them would I? And I do actually enjoy the experience especially when a drawing builds at a reasonably pace one or two drawings I have done in the past you would be hardly able to tell what an hours work had done but with those it is the closing sessions that are the fun ones. Knowing you are near the finishing line and realising what an epic journey it has been. I will show a few labour intensive works below.

Above and below is a line drawing that took a while, probably done over a two month period.

This drawing above also took quite a lot of time and although the inside section grew quite quickly it being with the larger dots but the outside fine liner dots seemed to go on forever and the rest of the drawing slowly evolved into the completed work.
I was overjoyed when I sat back and had a good look at it and I am still very pleased with it especially as it is my only commemorative work done after the death of David Bowie.

Above is another of my larger scale drawings that took many many hours and many many sessions to complete.

Above is another detail from another larger drawing just to show you some detail from one of my time consuming works. Below the full picture.

Above is a final one in this kind of works.

Now my thoughts turn to what I might draw when I start in a little while.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Drawings and today stuff.


Above is one of my current works in progress, I have spent a few hours on it so far and I imagine there are a few more hours to go until completion.

Today I spent a small time admiring our new view. In the two years or so since our business opened, we have hardly had a view of the horizon so as it was a lovely clear sunny day I thought I had better record it. Although we have still been suffering noise from the building works it is now nearing completion, we hope. Soon this car park at the back of the Tate will be open and with it back being the residents parking area more visitors will be able to park. Furthermore we also won't be having loads of contractors parked in the visitors car park increasing even more the capacity of Barnoon Car Park and making it easier for our clients to park nearer to us. After all that made the area so unsightly and at times the unbearable noise of the building works including this weeks tarmac laying. Hopefully this will all be behind us soon and hopefully we will reap some small benefit from the Tate being fully reopened.

So as I had vowed to myself to visually document my day yesterday and failed because I left my phone at home. It seems as I had already been up to the workshop and documented my work in progress and then taken the new view I would continue.

For the last few days these dome structures at the top of the pic seem to have appeared or they have just caught my eye.

On the walk home I passed Alfred Wallis's grave.

Then passed one of my favourite trees to draw at the Porthmeor Hill side of The Cemetery.

Then I went back home via the Sandow Lane Steps which have recently weeded and tended to by a resident not the council as it would have used to have been in less austere times.

Back as we were plotting another future art idea I found a little drawing I had done in project book. After playing around with quite a few ideas we went out for a walk.

After a while after seeing Paul Wadsworth's exhibition at the Crypt we then went to the show at The Mariners. We ended up with a quick stop at Moomaid, it seemed churlish not to on such a fine day.
We relaxed and chatted more project ideas and then wended our way home.

Above is another work in progress that I have at home and will continue with in a while and we will see where it goes.

I am now off to think and stuff and of course to draw some more.

Whilst I have been writing this blog I have been listening to Aphex Twin Live at Field Music, very interesting, heavy duty, sonic attack with some pure beauty and intrigue. Probably everything you would expect from Redruth's electronic pioneer.


Saturday, 16 September 2017

Postcard drawing and more.


Today I had thought to myself I must do more documentary pics for a change as we had event on at the workshop. So what happened was I left the house without my phone so no pics of the day after all.

We had a day of portraiture at Barnoon from 11 am to 4pm we met some very nice folk and had a good day. I had time to start a new big drawing but as above I didn't record what I have done on it so far, however I did add some colour to a postcard sized drawing and for once I used colour pencils which I am starting to enjoy using and the results.

Above is a similar little drawing done to decorate and help me find my current sketchbook that I use on my tour and draws.

I am now going to continue with another work in progress and leave with some random drawings from my recent past.

Above  one on driftwood ply.

Above bringing colour to a post monochrome set drawing.

From The Monochrome Set

On part of a vegetable box

On mountboard

On fabric

on fabric

'Flag' on end of vegetable crate

From a sketchbook work

On Mineral

Sketchbook work

on rock and pottery

a postcard

Friday, 15 September 2017

New drawing, work in progress and a bit of my day.


Above is a drawing I started and finished today, well unless I decide to add colour, then it is not completed. Time will tell.

Below is a drawing I got this far with in the last evenings session and I will continue with tonight when I have posted this blog and stopped watching Only Connect.

Today has been a very windy and inclement day so again I had no outdoor drawing tour this afternoon I have been helping in my friends shop which was a jolly shift with regulars and September festival goers and I saw my first new ten pound note. It was busy I then met Zoe and Gazelle up at Barnoon Workshop and have since returned home.

My thoughts are starting to come around to the sketchbook I have had for a few weeks and not started, I think I have been ignoring it so not coming up with an idea to set the book off. That is a plan for the future but I also have to get some much larger drawings done through the autumn and also nail some small drawings for the Hand Held View exhibition.

Tomorrow if the weather gets better you never know I might have a drawing tour and I am also one of the portrait artists for Your Face My Art at The Barnoon Workshop. Last weekends YFMA was rammed and hopefully tomorrow will be the same but who knows, we will see.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

New drawing and Barnoon Workshop. St Ives September Festival.


Above is the drawing I started in my abstract drawing workshop the other day and today I have finished it and I am very happy with it I am.

Today has been a busy day for our Barnoon Workshop we had a slightly fuller than full take up with our Watercolour with Nicola Higgins this morning and we have had a really successful portrait studio Your Face My Art event. We met some lovely people who have become a part of this festival event.

Whilst we were getting ready for tonight's portraits I did these small pieces for an art drop which I managed to put out there for people to find for free.

After the portrait session we went for a couple of pints at The Western with our friend Jordan Jackson and mulled over the festival so far and I also managed a nice chat with John from Martyn Jackson's Tea Band.

We have a morning session of Beach Find Mosaics to set up for in the morning and then set up for the portrait studio tomorrow evening as well.

This is a bit of a brief late night blog and I have some drawing to do before sleep.

Cheers and back tomorrow.....

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Drawings and a drawing tour.


Above is the drawing I finished the night before and forgot so take a pic so here it is now.

 Above is the drawing I completed last night or at least I think it is at the moment, we will find out in the future.

Above is the drawing I started in yesterday's abstract drawing workshop and I have added more so it is here as an update.

Today I had a buildings and architecture drawing tour, the weather was a bit unpredictable so we headed off to The Mariners Gallery. The drawing below is just one of the sketches I made but I thought I would share this one as it seems quite like one of my strands of abstract work. As you can see I quite enjoyed drawing a section of the parquet floor.

Since then I have done my shift as a grocer and then delivered a guitar lesson and am now preparing to do a little drawing. I have no drawing started so I will have to think of something....