Friday, 24 March 2017

Another day in my art world and stuff


Above is a drawing that has taken me some time to finish off and somewhat different to any previous 'obliterarty' drawing that I have previously done and as I completed it and looked for a couple of minutes I chose a pen and went straight onto the next drawing feeling free and I embarked on the drawing below. It felt quite joyous as I didn't seem to need the same intense concentration I had put in to the last drawing. I have no real idea why this one was so much fun doing it just was. I didn't quite finish it in last nights drawing session but I had a few moments I finished the few empty boxes to make it complete.

Today has been a running around doing a bit of this and a bit of that day even a quick visit to the Arts Club to meet Dee and Dave Brotherton.

Back home now and thinking about what I will draw tonight whilst trying to avoid bad tele. We have one disc left of a David Hockney triple set to watch is entertainment runs out. The other two were quite fascinating, it still quite amazes me how much work and in his different styles most of which I get and enjoy, even the ones I am left drawn to still seem interesting and part of the whole pantheon of his work.

This Saturday night on BBC 2 there is going to be a documentary on Paula Rego, an artist that my wife first brought to my gaze and I find her work interesting and am thoroughly looking forward to it, it will be an education. We were given the heads up on this documentary because it was brought up in Barnoon Workshop drawing group on Monday morning by one of the drawers in the group. Over the last two years the group has seen many people join us once or many times more. They are a good friendly interesting bunch of people and a great way to start the weeks 'art' with.

Just before I go off and draw I will leave you and this blog with some close ups of some of the work I have done over the last year or so. I find them interesting and I hope you do too.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

'Obliterarty' continues and thoughts and stuff.

Thursday: Today I am starting to feel better, at last I feel like myself again.

Above is the drawing I started the day before yesterday and carried on with last night, as I was still feeling a bit under the weather I didn't manage to finish it off but I did get quite a long way further into it and now feel confident I will get it finished and maybe more in this evenings session. I am yet .gain reminded that these large pages take quite a bit of filling and as soon as you start doing finer detail the prospect of a quick finish diminishes.

Today has been an interesting day with some marketing and Zoe met a new artist that may well do some courses for us in the future at Barnoon Workshop. After that I met Zoe in town to do a little shopping and arrange a few things. We had a quick coffee in Cafe Art and I also visited the Farmers Market at the Guildhall and bumped into Kaz who masterminds the market and also into gallery owner Paul Vibert. The market is need of more buskers and Kaz asked me if I would be interested but I haven't busked in this century, I may never again but it could be a bit of a challenge to get a small buskers set together and would be fun. I have seldom appeared as a solo artist except when DJing but I do remember my very first solo spot at Olney Wine Bar back in the very early eighties. I was still thinking of myself as a punk, whatever that means and had my very first band called More Trivia, we built a nice little local following from youth club gigs to pubs in and around Milton Keynes regularly pulling 100 to 150, although not always. It was great fun and enabled me to play solo as I had written and sung all the tunes for the band. So a very nervous 21 year old took on a late evening session of a few of my chirpy punky ditties on my not great acoustic guitar. To my surprise it all went very smoothly, polite to enthusiastic applause, a couple of beers from the management when I had finished and even a beer from someone in the audience. Whether I could do that now is down to time and the will to build a little set. If I had more time I would probably try but hey who knows I might give it a go in future, I do miss gigging.

So below is a cover and three drawings from my last 'obliterarty' book. I like them very much and I hope other people get them, well in the end you do what you do and see what happens.

So tonight I am off to drawing and to assimilate all the bad and sad news coming out of this country and the world. Peace to all.


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

New work, guitar lessons and stuff.

Wednesday: Has been an ok day.

 In last nights drawing session it took me quite a time to finish this drawing above, however lots of fine liner lines did the job and I really quite like and it goes well in the book. After that I started to tackle the next drawing but I was still feeling unwell so I made slow progress. I am now thinking what goes next, we will see when I start drawing later.

Today started a bit slowly as still feeling a bit unwell, not like me but we went up to Barnoon Workshop to get Zoe ready for her acrylic painting course (week two). Whilst I went off to get water I did this little art drop above. Two contrasting small drawings I wonder if anyone has found them yet.

After the end of Zoe's course I went back to Barnoon to help her clear up and get ready for one of two guitar classes I have now given today and now I am back home and getting a few updates from my son on the football, a friendly international between England and Germany.

I now have a few things to do and then get on with drawing and relaxing and making sure I feel better tomorrow.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

New works and small works

Tuesday: I have been ill. This meant for the first time I had to miss doing an Art Tour. My wife Zoe Eaton had to go up and cancel it and when she did she found four people hoping to go on the tour. Such a shame I am sorry but I just didn't feel well enough.

I was feeling a bit unwell last night but still managed to get on with some drawings, so above is the sixth drawing in my new book and so far I am finishing a drawing or two a day. In the back of my head I felt I should be getting work ready for the next open exhibition at The Mariners gallery I was under the misapprehension that it was to be handed in in the next week or so but actually have another month so I feel that I can continue with this my next 'Obliterarty' book.

Above is the seventh and another variation in what I do sort of.

I then embarked on this but didn't finish it but I should get it finished tonight and hopefully get another well on the way or even finished.

Another little drawing I fitted in with last evenings work is this one above drawn on a pottery shard found on the beach. I really enjoy doing these small drawings and gives me a break from working on paper which from time to time is a breath of fresh air. As you may know if you read my blogs I mainly use these as little free art drops that I leave mainly around St Ives for people to find although I have left some in Milton Keynes, Oxford and other Cornish towns that I visit from time to time and when I do I try to remember to take a few with me. I also sometimes leave them as an alternative tip in a pub or a restaurant, they also make little gifts when visiting people. They seem to be really quite popular for whatever reason and I like that, there have become quite a few fans, I quite often get a message or a pic posted online with me tagged in it and I do like that reaction I also have received a few messages now from a lady whose daughter has always wanted to find one and is down here over Easter so I am planning to do quite a number of drops over the Easter holidays. I do hope I leave enough clues for them to find one or two.

Below I will leave you with a selection of these small shards and stones that are the objects in my art drops.

Well I am off to relax and get better and do some more drawing.


Monday, 20 March 2017

Starting the week.


Above is the fifth drawing in my latest book work, the drawing was started and completed in last evenings drawing session. It took longer than I thought it would but that is becoming to the story of this book, having said that I am really liking the scale of the pages I am working on.

Above is the other drawing I started yesterday but didn't finish and hopefully later I will get on with this one.

Above is a small art drop I did today that I did after picking up paper from The Times and Echo office before Zoe's drawing workshop this morning at Barnoon. Todays session was about profiles and it seemed we all learnt quite a lot, very interesting.

This afternoon I have not been feeling a bit off colour so this will not be a long blog tonight so I will leave you with a few random pics of previous work. They are all drawings I have done in the last year.

I am off to rest a little and hopefully get some drawing done.

Back tomorrow.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Last blog of the week about my drawing and nearly a 1,000 views in a week, wow!

This is Sundays blog showing what I drew last evening and some other thoughts.

Above is a drawing I started Friday but I had only done the sharpie circles, last evening I chose to fill them in and now it looks like this. That done I then had to think how I would approach the next drawing.

Above is the result of all that thing and I think that they work well together in this book. These last two drawings were done with Sharpie pens and for some reason I am very happy with it. It looks quite pure, simple and even dare I say it quite minimal.

I now have to think up my next drawing and I will leave that decision until I open my book and start drawing.

Today has been a busy day doing a day course of beginners guitar up at Barnoon Workshop, Zoe brought my lunch up. I got home in good time and since then have been soaking up the news and a big dinner listening to Tom Robinson's Now Playing show on BBC 6 Music and two hours of music in the honour of Rock 'n' Roll great Chuck Berry without him where would music be today.

Below are a few more drawings that I have done over the last year. I am caught sometimes when I am looking at previous work I have a general memory of doing the work but also I sometimes see little levels that I had forgotten I had put in so I find that I have put in or left out detail in a way that I enjoy and interesting. For example the drawing immediately below where I have not put white gel dots on every purple dot but missed some. It took me quite a while before I could start leaving a drawing and thinking it was complete if I hadn't done every option to it and now I can.

 Above and below are more of my grid drawing experiments, even though I say 'experiments' I do feel they are still works and enjoy the freedom of making them. So here are three quite different takes on them.

I am off to draw :)

Saturday, 18 March 2017

New Obliterarty again, and slate and paper drawings too.

Saturday, has been a mixed bag of a day.

 Above is the first drawing I did in last evenings drawing session, I think it will be used for a future art drop. I have had this little piece of slate on the table for a few weeks but yesterday it looked inviting.

Above is the second drawing in my newly started 'Obliterarty Volume 3' book. I seem to have a stained glass window thing going on but on a much larger scale than my previous 'obliterarty' book. This book is 13.5" by 9.5" and I will have to complete around 70 drawings to complete it, so 2 done and 68 to go.

Here is the start of the 3rd drawing, I am now thinking about it and pondering what I will add next. It seems to me that so far it is another in my series of 'hollow dots'. I think I will pause for thought when I open the book up later to continue this task I seem to have set myself. It will be a good months work at least.

I also have to think what drawings I am putting into the the next open show  at The Mariners and hoping I get it all together and happy with the work.

Last night we watched a documentary on Chuck Close and his art and how he has moved on through the years. I am not sure if I like all the work really but I do understand how he fits into the scheme of modern American art from the times he lived through. In the documentary he was working on a new self portrait and what I did really like about it was the patterns he build up his images with and I appreciate the technique and skill and effort especially as he is disabled but I must be some sort of abstract purist but I loved and responded to sections of this large painting rather than the whole painting. Having said that I would love the chance of seeing the work for real up close, I might respond entirely differently.

Today we have been trying to organise future Barnoon Workshop activities and to this end my wife had a chat with Angela Roberts and then we spent a bit of time at Pick Pretty Paints in The Sloop Market. Had green tea and and talked about all sorts of stuff.

Since then we have had dinner and I have been writing this whilst listening to Craig Charles on BBC 6 Music, still my favourite radio station by far and so glad we all helped save it must be around 7 years since it all kicked off.

I am aiming not only to draw tonight but if television is less than enthralling we have a Marc Chagall video to watch. A painter I don't know that much about apart from the style and  look of his most famous works. I must have seen a few in my time of visiting galleries so it will be interesting to find out more.

I will finish off this blog by showing some previous works from the last year.

Red and Blue Circles on Gel pen on Slate.

Sharpie Grid

Sharpie Grid

Pro Marker and Fine Liner

Off to draw.